This is a place to post information about ways to customize your blog more and find solutions to your Blogger problems. While the Blogger help page is always a solid starting point, this can help put the most common questions and answers in one, easy to locate spot.

Please feel free to post questions in the comments section and we can work through potential solutions or workarounds together. I will alphabetize and categorize problems and solutions as this section grows.

In the meantime, here's one "how to" question that has already come up and the answer to it:

How do I create tabs, or "pages", in my blog?
  1. In your Design section, add the "pages" gadget. Drag to the top of the screen to create tabs or to the side for a menu bar effect.
  2. Go to the "Posting" section and "edit pages" and "create new page". Name it and start posting content if you wish. Save and this will now show up as a tab or page.
  3. Note: You cannot publish multiple posts on new pages, but it can be an effective way to categorize information and make it easily accessible, like an additional "About me" or "Contact" or "Photos" or even "Help" page.
How do I create links in a comment?

Follow the steps in this article from the Houston Chronicle. 

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